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It took Tempra Technology two years since we first wrote about them to find a company to use their self-cooling cans, a little startling considering the average American drinks about 22 gallons of beer annually, but Miller has finally signed on to launch their beers in Tempra's I.C. Cans in mid-2007.

The cans are regular 16 ounce size but only contain 10.5 ounces of liquid, as the rest of the space contains the cooling apparatus: a dessicant that when activated draws the heat from the beverage into a heat sink, causing the drink to lower a minimum of 30F in a remarkable three minutes. We can't imagine the I.C. Can beers will go for the same price as beers in regular ones, but they should sell well nonetheless, even at a premium—we've yet to meet anyone who enjoys lugging coolers around, especially not on hot summer days. Between this and the Guinness Surger, it's a good time to be a beer drinking nerd.

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