Miller Beer, Soon in Self-Cooling Cans
Wow, I'm imagining an environmental impact close to a perpetual Shriners' parade- except with Escalades, not the funny little go-karts.

Can I have a ticket to the idiot-free planet, now. Please?
by matto

Motorola Q Gets FCC Nod
"It still has a chin bigger than Jay Leno."

I likened it to Jay Leno's chin! You gots to give some props where props are due!
by Mr_Mischif

Low End Theory
when i was a kid, every tv my mom would buy was a 13" or so Quasar or like brand. every bed room in all our houses had them. i would always ask her, why don't you skip out on a 13" tv in the garage (that noone will ever watch) and buy a 20" or so instead for a bedroom? it just didn't click....i think those darned 13" tvs are why i wear glasses today.


i think other other kids suffered through the 13" as well, and that's why there's a tv screen size war.

anways, you forgot to mention another "feature" of the quasar/generic brand of tv - the remote that didn't have the channnel numbers set in groups of 3s. everytime you got a new tv, you had to look at the remote to relearn the keypad.
by drewheyman


Verizon Finally Enables File Transfer, Bluetooth on Motorola RAZR V3c
They're still assholes for locking down BT to begin with. They'll try this kind of crap again, just wait a few months for things to cool down. And then they'll try again, and again, and again, until everyone's so apathetic about it that they stop complaining. It's Microsoft's strategy, and it looks like it works just fine (look at Product Activation and Genuine Windows Validation).
by El Guano

Us to Samsung: Viral Marketing Doesn't Work, Please Stop
Viral marketing DOES work. Especially when done correctly.


As proof, Samsung not only made an impression on you, but got you to make a post in a blog that many others will visit. Thus you followed the viral concept the way it was meant to be carried out.

Actually, one of the key ideas of viral marketing is usually to avoid being called total assholes along the way.


There's a big difference between the subject headers "FWD: this interesting thing that happens to be marketing" and "RE: Look what those bastards are doing now."
by strangeweather