A few months ago, a pair of French hackers teased a new project called Windows 93. It was a wonderfully weird web-based operating system, some sort of spoof on Windows 95, packed to the gills with insidery internet jokes. And late last night, the digital artists released the full version. It's still wonderfully weird, thank God.

The technicolored dream beam that is Windows 93 comes from the wild minds of Jankenpopp and Zombectro. It looks a lot like a more primitive and meme-filled edition of Windows 95—except instead of Solitaire and Internet Explorer, you've got Solitude and Cat Explorer.

There's also a highly improved version of MS Paint called Piskel and a hallucinatory program called Acid Box 93 and a snarky version of Wolfenstein 3D called Castle GAFA 3D. That's just to name a few.

Could Windows 93 become your full-time operating system? That depends: Do you like drugs? If yes, you might enjoy spending your day navigating the 90s-talgic world of pixelated art. If no, you'll still enjoy the full-length version of Star Wars, rendered in ASCII. And drugs or no drugs, if you figure out what Virtual Girl does, please let us know in the comments.


All images via Windows 93

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