Watch This Guy Troll London With a Super Long Selfie Stick

Love our selfie-obsessed culture or hate it, this video of a man walking around the bustling streets of London trying to photograph himself and his fellow pedestrians with an absurdly long, hand-crafted selfie stick is sure to make you smile.


Apparently, the creator of the world's longest selfie stick, the UK-based pranksters known as Trollstation, was interested in knowing how the general public would receive his invention. Most of the people in the video, at least, seem to be taking the joke in stride. How could you not, when random stranger pokes a camera attached to a ten foot pole in your face as you sit atop a double decker tour bus?

Given that this is clearly the selfie stick to end all selfie sticks, can we all just go back to taking pictures of ourselves the old fashioned way now? [Trollstation via PetaPixel]


Deaf Electrician

I just don't get hate for selfie sticks, they make it so easy for the rest of us to know who to feel superior to.