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A friend of ours had a very one of his intricate drawings laser etched onto his Powerbook last year and we've been extremely jealous of him since, even though he probably totally voided his Apple Care. If you can't afford a $7k+ laser cutter, or don't know anyone with access to one, perhaps you should try wheedling your way into Nike's Lasarium, a room at their Oregon campus where they do all their laser work; the three photos above were posted by designer Jeff Ng of Staple Designs over the weekend, of things his friends have had etched there. The Blackberry 8700 with the Jordan XX all-over print belongs to Justin of Dime Magazine and both the RAZR and Sony Cybershot T1 with the hot skull Mark Smith pattern on them belong to Jamie of Juxtapoz Magazine.

Juztapoz/AJ XX/Blackberry [Jeff Staple, via Cool Hunting]