9 simple photography tips that will make your pictures look better

Here are 9 rules about basic photography composition from famed photographer Steve McCurry that will instantly make your pictures look better. You know some of them already—rule of thirds, etc.—but it's nice to see them illustrated with great pictures and be reminded of the most important rule of all: that you can—and should—break them.

Here they are, courtesy of McCurry from COOPH:

  1. Rule of Thirds: place points of interest on intersections
  2. Leading Lines: use natural lines to lead the eye into the picture
  3. Diagonals: diagonal lines create movement
  4. Framing: use natural frames like windows
  5. Figure to Ground: contrast between subject and background
  6. Fill the Frame: get close to subjects
  7. Center Dominant Eye: put dominant eye in center of picture
  8. Patterns & Repetitions: patterns are pleasing
  9. Symmetry: symmetry is pleasing

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Also take a shit-ton of pictures.