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Two new Mimobots! We here at Gizmodo puffy heart the mimobot USB flash drives and prize them above all others, so it's great to see mimoco launching a new installment in their limited edition artist series. These two cuties are from the Flying Cat x mimoco line—the one on the left is HERO (by TADO), the fortune-hunting swashbuckler who likes to eat sweet melon buns and solve jigsaw puzzles in his spare time, and the one on the right is Corrupted_Data (by Jon Burgerman), "a dancing melee of all your important ones and zeros that is sure to remind you to back up your data".

HERO is available now and Corrupted_Dan ships in May but can be pre-ordered now. Both come in editions of 500 and come in various sizes, from $49.95 for 256MB of storage space to $149.95 for 2GB.


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