Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

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Last week at this time it was sunny. Now it's snowing outside. At the end of March. This week, amiright? All I want to do is think about the movies I'll be mainlining this weekend. Good riddance, week.


This weekend, I'm planning to sleep, sleep some more, then host a mini-Marvel movie marathon (for myself) in celebration of the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. It'll go something like this:

One of the Iron Man moves. Not the third

Guardians of the Galaxy. Cute but no Star Wars

The Avengers, even with its shitty Cap characterization

Captain America: The First Avenger, if you don't love this movie you are wrong

Captain America: The Winter Solider, where was its fucking Oscar

Did you know that I'm a fan of Captain America? Do you know how much I'm already freaking out about Captain America: Civil War, daily? Do you want to talk to me about it?

On the tech side: which Avenger has the sweetest gadget? (Besides Iron Man. That's cheating. And Thor. Because Mjolnir ain't really a gadget.) Say you were facing an army of Ultrons. Would you want Cap's shield (but you don't get his superstrength, play fair), Hawkeye's sheath of high-tech arrows, or Black Widow's electrifying wristbands?

Or if you hate comic books and fun, what else do you have on the docket for the weekend?


Matt Novak