US Festivals Are Now Banning Selfie Sticks, Too

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Selfie sticks are very quickly being branded as a public hazard: Our culture's "wand of idiocy" is no longer welcome in dozens of museums and attractions across the country. Now, it seems, festival goers will have to forgo the sticks, as well, and go back to taking narcissistic photos like it's 2013.


In anticipation of their festival which stars April 10th, Coachella's organizers have announced that "Selfie sticks / Narcissists" are now a prohibited item, along with chains, explosives, and knives. Lollapalooza, a huge summer fest that takes place in Grant Park, Chicago, has also issued a warning to any revellers looking to bring their selfie sticks this year.

According to NME:

The decisions follow previous stipulations in the UK. Selfie sticks have been banned from major British music venues, including O2 Academy Brixton, London's O2 Arena and the SSE Wembley Arena. The devices – elongated sticks that attach to a camera or phone to aid photo-taking – were among the best-selling gifts of Christmas 2014, but have been outlawed from a number of venues on health and safety grounds.

Given all the other dangers associated with EDM festivals, it's probably for the best that organizers are trying to make a pre-emptive strike on this one. Sure, your perfectly-angled selfies may convince the world you're having the time of your life, but I doubt the same could be said for the kid you end up clocking in the face. [NME]

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Whatever happened to, you know, *asking another nearby human to take a picture of you*?! Every picture I have of me (at the Taj Mahal, at the Pyramids, in the Valley of the Kings, in Jerusalem, in Nice, in Moscow, in Sydney, and another 25 exotic places which are arguably more desirable a locale than some random concert) were taken by another human (either from the group I was with, or some other tourist whom I politely asked to take it).

Are we so self involved that we won't even engage with another human for taking a stupid photo? I'm starting to feel bad that I spent the last 19 years working to enable smartphone technology...