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Look out Slingbox, SageTV has just released a $30 addon to SageTV 5.0 that lets users take their media with them anywhere, just like you do. The client application allows streaming of video, music and photos to any machine connected to the internet. The Placeshifter works with SageTV similarly to how Windows Media Extenders extend Windows Media Center, except not as slick, but content is accessible anywhere.

Because the videos need to be sent across the internet, heavy compression is used that lowers video quality. It's still watchable, but makes it hard to tell just exactly who Jack Bauer is killing this time. No word on whether SageTV Placeshifter works on Origamis, Macs, or Windows Mobile devices like the Slingbox does.

Move over Slingbox, here comes SageTV Placeshifter [CNET]