Stunt Biker Shoots For The Moon During Recent Solar Eclipse

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Last week's total solar eclipse spawned many amazing photographs and videos, but few took as much planning, skill, and ambition as this shot of stunt biker Danny MacAskill tearing down a hill on the Isle of Skye as the moon eclipsed the sun. Unlike another viral photo of the eclipse, this one's not a fake.


The shot was taken by Rutger Pauw, best known for taking photographs that capture BMX racers and other athletes in action. According to PetaPixel:

The shoot happened in MacAskill's homeland, the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Pauw spent days with his team searching for the perfect spot in the island's beautiful landscape. The weather in the location is known to be unpredictable, so there was no guarantee that the eclipse would be visible to the camera while it was happening.

When the short window of opportunity finally arrived, the team only had several minutes to try and capture the shot they envisioned. Pauw and MacAskill were separated by nearly 1000 feet, so they had to communicate with each other using walkie talkies. For lighting, Pauw dug a hole near the jump site and stuck a powerful flash in it.

Here's a behind-the-scene look at how Pauw and MacAskill found the perfect spot and managed to capture one of the most creative photos of the year. [PetaPixel]

Top image via Rutger Pauw

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Fantastic work all around. This sort of planning is what makes some photography true art!