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The Samsung portable XM player and recorder that debuted at CES landed in the laps of the guys at Personal Tech Pipeline for a hands on review. The distinguishing feature of this media player is its "TiVo for radio" functionality. You can record up to 50 hours of XM programming, including individual songs off any program. You can start recording a song in the middle, and the Helix will capture the entire track due to its 10 minute buffer.

The 1 gigabyte of memory also allows you to store and play back MP3 and WMA files. Another feature similar to TiVo is the ability to be alerted when certain artists are playing on any channel on XM. Problem is, the Helix doesn't record the song if you don't specifically tell it to. This means this artist watch feature only works when you're actively listening.

Stick around for more reviews of the unit as the release date nears.

Review: Samsung Helix [Personal Tech Pipeline]