Amazon's Echo Just Added New Ways To Control Your Home With Your Voice

Just as you may have suspected, Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant getting even more functionality—and branching out into controlling your home’s technology with its hub.


An email to Echo customers today announced that Echo will work with Philips Hue lights and switches, as well as Belkin’s WeMo gadgets, which include everything from slow cookers to humidifiers to security cameras. That means you’ll be able to tell Alexa—Amazon’s answer to Siri and Cortana—how to adjust your environment using just a voice command:

To get started, connect your WeMo and Hue devices to your home Wi-Fi and name them in their respective app. Then say, “Alexa, discover my appliances.” After Echo’s confirmation, you can control your devices by voice.

It’s a small update, but it’s also a clear hint at where Amazon wants to take its flagship hardware product: Into the very walls and outlets of your house. [Amazon]


Now if they could just actually ship the one I ordered!