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Spotify Data Nerds Discover the Most Popular Music to Put You to Sleep

Illustration for article titled Spotify Data Nerds Discover the Most Popular Music to Put You to Sleep

Researchers at Spotify crunched roughly 2.8 million “sleep-themed” playlists and came to the startling conclusion that people love to listen to boring-ass music when they’re trying to fall asleep.


Superstar British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran tops the list of artists most-featured on sleepytime playlists. Seven of the top 20 sleep tracks belong to him. The second most-streamed nighty night artist is equally subdued British singer Sam Smith. We should note that these are also amongst the most streamed artists on the service as a whole.

It’s not surprising that people like to listening to boring music when they fall asleep. Some music is fun or enlightening in ways that make your heart race. You get tingles because it is so good. If you are trying to sleep, this music is not good. Other music lulls you into a catatonic stupor because it lacks nuance or any elements that might stimulate your brain or body. This music is very good for falling asleep. You can listen to this kind music on the Spotify playlist that follows this link.


Top image via AP

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Was catching up on my magazine subscriptions over the weekend and read this yesterday. Noel Gallagher on music today -

You recently said that you didn’t want to live in a world where Ed Sheeran was headlining Wembley Stadium.…