A suplex from Samsung! A clothesline from LG! The RAZR is limping, looks like its corner man is trying to get it to count itself out. What's this? The 6126? From Nokia! Folks, this is a shut-down. The 6126, recently approved by the FCC and weighing in at 112 grams and a mere 1.9" 0.67" thick, is about to grab a folding chair from ringside and slam the RAZR to the ground. Looks like this thing has a 2.2" screen and quad-band GSM/EDGE edge support. RAZR's sub-par UI is bleeding from the nose and left ear, folks. What's this? What's this? Oh no! The Nokia is pulling out Snake! IT IS OVER!

Nokia 6126 Slim Phone FCC [MobileWhack]