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Users of Sony's PSP take note, for VillainoisMind has something that just might interest you. Their Locura Personal Media Server is a server that you install on your PC and serves all sorts of multimedia goodness to your PSP. This stand-alone Web server, which interacts with the PSP's Web browser, gives you access to movies, audio and pictures that are stored on the PC. You can even set up RSS feeds to stream music from the PC to the PSP. Of course, since it's a Web server, it works with all devices with a Web browser, but keep in mind that it was especially designed for the PSP. The basic version of the Web server is free, but you are restricted from downloading video or listening to streaming audio, which is kind of a bummer. With that in mind, power users may want to investigate upgrading to the $30 single-user version which has no such restrictions. And if you're in a family of media-hungry PSP users, the $50 family version will allow up to five connections. Oh, and locura means "madness" in Spanish, but we assume that the Web server does not actually cause that terrible affliction.

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