Beautiful short film uses alchemy to tell a touching story about life

The Alchemist’s Letter by Carlos Stevens is a beautifully animated short film about a father’s letter to his son. It’s imaginative and touching and worth the watch just for the visuals alone. The story progresses through a machine that turns memories into gold and you get to see wonderful little worlds pop up in the most creative ways.

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This reminded me of an online forum I saw about a decade ago that asked the question, “Which would you choose? Living a life of luxury where you could do anything, spend unlimited money, and have any kind of relationship you wanted (including sexual) with anyone for a year, but at the end, the entire year would be wiped from your memory. (I’m going to expand that to include wiping any evidence that the wild year even occurred) Or would you choose to live life like normal, but remember everything?” Everyone posting said they would give up the year, but I took the stance that it isn’t only us making the memories, it’s the memories making us who we are. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Anyone else have an opinion on it?