Short animation makes fun of our embarrassing addiction to smartphones

We’re missing out on the world around us because we’re all so focused on what’s happening in the world inside of our phones. This bitingly hilarious animation jabs at our smartphone addiction by showing cartoon characters so obsessed with their phones that they don’t notice danger in front of them or when their clothes have been stripped off or when people are dying and so on. It’s great.

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Wow very sad, but also a little (or a lot) true.

For example: yesterday I was taking my toddler to the family bathroom, pushing a double-long stroller while holding her hand going down the hallway. This thing is not the easiest thing to maneuver so a rather engrossed 45+something was nose-deep in her smartphone (and made eye contact with me) and instead of moving to the side she continued to carelessly walk down the center of the hallway forcing me and the toddler to literally walk into the wall to avoid a collision.

Seriously folks put down the phone and situational awareness.