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Those wacky Germans at König+Neurath have designed a sort of mobile office unit that gives the age old office cubicle a (much needed?) update. Standing at just over six feet tall, the St@ndby-Office is just that: a ready-made portable office cubicle complete with integrated Wi-Fi. It's made of steel, aluminum and wood and, utilizing what the designer calls the "Plug and Play principle," can be quickly converted from a sit down desk to a stand up desk via a small motor. The designers also herald it as the type of desk needed for the era of "New Work," which, while sounding just slightly Orwellian, probably accurately reflects the brave new world of corporate speak. The St@ndby-Office is BYOC+C, that is, bring your own computer and chair. Other than that, if you've got €5,000 ($6,312) to spare, why not join the world of New Work?

Product Page [König+Neurath via OhGizmo!]