Tell Us About The Worst Support Tickets You Ever Worked

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I’ve had several jobs that involved processing tickets. The software often sucked and was frustrating to use. Even worse were the tickets themselves: vague, inane, confusing, infuriating. It’s time to let these tales of these ticketed tortures be heard. Do you feel my pain?

Aside from being treated rudely by anonymous strangers — cursed out or “yelled” at in all caps — I think the tickets that stuck with me most were just plain mind-bogglingly dumb. They’d go something like this:

hey its joe take my pictures off your website

Oh, hello, Joe! Good morning! Now where, pray tell, would I begin to find your pictures amongst the millions and millions of pictures hosted here? Might I bother you for something termed a “link”? Perhaps some form of identification past “Joe” and a hotmail email address? Thanks, Joe! Have a great day!


I’m thinking you guys have experiences from IT, customer service and other positions that make my tickets look like a walk in the park. Tell us your nightmare ticket tales in the comments below, or email me at if you’ve got a lot to say. I know could talk about this topic for hours. What was your absolute worst ticket?

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A user reported me during an OS upgrade where I had deleted her files. I ran through my checklist and didn’t do anything unusual. Later found out, she had been saving her archives in her desktop Recycle Bin (Windows 9x). Six years of work lost because I emptied the Recycle Bin. Oopsie.