The jiggly fun of smashing a CD with a sledge hammer in slow motion

The only thing CDs are good for these days is to serve as slow motion destruction entertainment for YouTube videos. The mirror circle shape lends itself to sillily watchable GIFs where young people on the Internet wonder just what the hell retro future object they’re looking at.


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Beach Zombie

Anyone remember the old AOL CD mailers? You know. The ones you got once a week in those cheesy advertiser sleeves? Or those mailers that promised to increase your computer’s speed by 4,000,000% by removing spyware? I received so many that I got creative and made a CD launcher from steel tubing, a few hand made parts, and an old garage door spring. My first test fire resulted in buying a new door for my neighbor’s garage and the second firing cost me a new pool filter. Never underestimate the incredibly poor aerodynamics of a CD and a high energy launcher at the hands of a poorly trained aerospace engineer. EVAR.