Look at This Cute Li'l Street Sweeper Just for Bike Lanes

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Los Angeles is slowly but surely working its way towards being one of the most bike-friendly cities in then country by laying down a comprehensive network of bike lanes throughout the city. And this cute pint-sized street sweeper employed by the city makes sure they’re kept free of debris. Awwwwww.


The mini street sweeper makes the rounds to several destinations in the city featuring bike-only infrastructure. It made its most recent appearance on the brand-new protected bike lanes on Reseda Boulevard, one of the first bike lanes in the city to be fully separated from vehicular traffic. With several more of these protected lanes in the works, the city might have to bring on a second small sweeper very soon.

[Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti]

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David Ruddock

After moving to West LA a year ago, I bought a bicycle. I went to school at UC Davis, and if you know anything about Davis, it’s probably the bicycling capital of America (seriously, more bikes than people) and is easily the country’s most bike-friendly city, with tons of bike-only roads and access paths.

West LA still has a long way to go to being truly bike-friendly. This new stretch on Reseda up in the valley is very nice (yay bollards), but the thing about LA is just that it’s so fucking vast. Santa Monica is one of the most bike-friendly areas in LA, and it’s still nerve-wracking as all hell to be a cyclist in that part of town.

People don’t look, they don’t give you the right of way when you actually have it, and buses seem to delight in fucking with you. Not to mention the number of road surface changes and bumps makes riding on anything but a mountain bike or cruiser hellish on all but a few, select streets like Broadway.

LA really wants to be a bike-friendly city, but the amount of infrastructure changes necessary for that to happen are, I think, wholly underestimated by most people. Yeah, Santa Monica Blvd. has a “bike lane,” but traffic next to you is doing 40+MPH and is filled with inattentive SUV drivers, psychos in pickup trucks, and assholes in exotics who have spent their whole lives making protected right turns without ever having to consider the existence of bicycles.

Sorry, had to get that out there. But tl;dr I basically stopped bicycling after months of trying in West LA because it’s just too stressful. Biking is relaxing for me. Biking in LA is anxiety-provoking.