Popcorn Time, aka ‘Netflix for torrents’, has made illegally downloading movies far too easy. And, with pictures of naked ladies notoriously hard to come by on the internet, it was only a matter of time until someone adapted Popcorn Time for porn.

The service, Porn Time, runs on Popcorn Time’s API, which the developers made available for public use. Functionally, it’s the same: “Porn Time works exactly the same as Popcorn Time does, only the content is all porn,” the lead developer told VentureBeat. Unlike regular torrenting solutions, which generaully use a client to download files, and then a media player for playback, Porn Time (and Popcorn Time) lets users find, download and playback content in one go, using an interface that looks and feels very much like Netflix (y’know, with Friends replaced by naked teenagers).


At the moment, desktop apps are available for Windows, Mac and Linux, with iOS and Android versions reportedly in the works. Whether or not Porn Time gets as much love from the internet as Popcorn Time remains to be seen — on the one hand, porn is pretty damn easy to find on the internet; on the other, piracy (which Porn Time is really just enabling) is a massive problem for the industry already.

[Porn Time via VentureBeat]

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