The life and death of an iPhone from an iPhone's perspective

Imagine all the things that our phones get to see. I mean, they’re pretty much with us every step of the way. It can be a camera for concerts, a music player for parties, a distraction on dates, the only light source for the lonely nights at home, and everything in between. To see things from our phone’s perspective is like being able to open a time capsule for specific years of our lives.

The Life & Death of an iPhone is a super creative short directed by Paul Trillo. It was shot and edited all on an iPhone and tells a story about what it’s like to see things from an iPhone’s perspective. Buying an iPhone is like starting a serious multi-year relationship, we see it from the factory to a guy’s life to his burgeoning relationship and all the shenanigans and selfies he gets into and takes along the way.


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It can be a camera for concerts,

Sure. Sure it can. If you’re a complete dick.