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Our Gizmodo and Kotaku soldiers in LA have been busy busy! After chomping down at the Japanese Corporate Overlord sponsored press party, Joel wiped his hands on his pants well enough (sorta) to provide us with a Liveblog of the Sony Playstation Press conference. Hearing that the two PS3 models were lauching at $499 and $599, Intern Travis said "jesus christ", "holy shit", and "garrrr". One bit of good news, the PS3 controller is "light, outfitted with Bluetooth" and has 6-axis movement detection. Rumble, however, is nowhere to be found.

Across town, Square-Enix announces three whole Final Fantasy XIIIs for the PS3 and mobile phones. Brian was impressed with their loads of real-time and pre-rendered vids.

Check back soon for more live coverage of E3 by our intrepid and semi-sober Giz-taku gang.