What's New With Parrot's Zik 3.0 Wireless Headphones?

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Parrot just revealed the third generation Zik headphones. The Zik 3.0 will look very familiar if you’ve ever seen the Zik 2.0, since the design remains largely unchanged, it’s just available in some gaudy new styles. But a couple of tiny tweaks like wireless charging and USB audio make them even more futuristic.


Like its predecessor, the Zik 3.0 is a feature-filled set of wireless headphones that comes with a corresponding app for tuning on the go. The new generation includes wireless charging capabilities so you can just set the headphones on a pad instead of plugging them in. If plugging in is your thing, you’ll enjoy higher quality audio through a new USB audio feature. You can also choose from new designs like the above cross-stitching effect to a rather gaudy faux alligator skin. There’s also a smartwatch app now, which is just slightly more excessive than the corresponding smartphone app.

But that’s pretty much it. The new Zik headphones come with the same neat features as past generations, including a capacitive touchpad on the ear cup, motion detection so music stops when you take them off, and badass noise canceling. It’s a little bit disappointing that Parrot didn’t do more, but the last upgrade was a pretty extensive facelift, which made the Ziks basically our favorite wireless headphones. At least you might be able to buy the 2.0 headphones a little bit more cheaply now.

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I think this one has some kind of DAC build in similar to MDR-1ADAC plus it also does Bluetooth. And basically if you have some 24 bit studio releases, you can feel the frequencies that the ears can't hear.