What Have You Been Binge-Watching Lately?

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The start of the new TV season is upon us. But we no longer have to abide by the whims of network scheduling; these days we’re the masters of our own television programming. What’re you watching?


With thousands of shows and movies at our disposal, we are not known for our moderation. Binge-watching, or “watch[ing] multiple episodes in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming,” has entered the common lexicon, and it’s no longer strange to confess you swallowed down a season or two in a weekend. In fact, it’s often expected that you should be up on all of the popular pop culture offerings.

I have a pretty addictive relationship with TV. I often don’t watch much, because I get emotionally invested in whatever I’m watching. I can’t not binge-watch if I love it. My current rewatching of The X-Files an episode or two at a time takes considerable willpower—a reward at the end of the day. On the airplane back from vacation I finally watched six episodes of True Detective season one, then begged my friend’s HBO Go password to finish it up. I just completed 22 episodes of The Vampire Diaries because I’m set to recap the new season for io9, and I feel like my brain has turned into mush fed to teenagers.


So I need better binges. What’s on out there that you’ve really enjoyed recently, and couldn’t click away from?

[Oxford English Dictionary: binge-watching is in there; Image via Caitlin Lemoine]

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