GoPro Falls Off Drone and Into Burning Man Rave, Loathing Ensues

A maybe fake video of a GoPro tumbling off of a drone and landing on the main dance floor at Burning Man has emerged. It is now a perfect testament to what makes those three things—GoPros, drones, Burning Man—so annoying.


GoPros are annoying because nobody really cares about your action-packed life, when it mainly features your wacky face screaming at the camera. (The view from the ankle of an insane dirt bike rider doing a Superman jump is another story.)

Drones are annoying because when they drop their GoPros, they might hit someone in the head and possibly hurt them very badly. (Not even muddy, hungry pigs are safe any more.)

Burning Man is annoying because, well, it’s Burning Man.

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Kill Bosby

definitely fake. The spinning fall was multiple clips stitched together and the “landing” was way too graceful and the thing fell in a crowd of people and didn’t hurt anyone and no one noticed it and just walked by it and I’m using run-on sentences to make it seem like I’m listing more things but still