A tense action scene from the movie Everest with no SFX added is hilariously great

In a hilarious mix up, the movie studio behind Everest sent the BBC this clip of the movie that had no sound effects added. Which is really, really great for us because it is oh so goofy to see an impossibly tense scene of the movie with all the VFX added and everything looking right and action packed but sounding... like they’re having a normal conversation in a quiet room.


It highlights how important sound is in a movie. Even though the footage looks great and the scene is supposed to make us feel scared and stressed, the whole movie turns completely silly (the close up shots, especially so) because you get snapped back to reality.

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So basically this is what it would sound like in real life without any of music and snow falling in the background.

One of the things that always gets me in those single player video games is that they always have music. Even Alien Isolation had that. You knew when something was coming by the way the music was playing. Normally when I play any single player game I turn the music off because that’s more realistic. When you’re going into battle I’m sure you don’t hear pounding music in your head unless you wear a music headset, which I doubt you’d be doing. So basically the only games I left the music ON was Secret of Monkey Island series (cause it’s cool), the old game Tie Fighter and Alien Isolation (lol).