Hands-On: PixelClean LCD Screen Cleaning Kit
Don't use anything to clean your LCD that you wouldn't use to clean your glasses. People've already mentioned that windex is harmful, but tap water is also, since it can contain hard minerals that scratch. Likewise, paper towels of all kinds contain wood fibre which will scratch your screen, especially fragile LCD panels like in laptops. Any soft cotton cloth is fine, like a t-shirt. Microfibre cotton cloths like the ones pictured above are good because they are lint-free, but you have to hand wash them so they don't pick up the same dirt or minerals that cause scratches.
By Magusv

Apple Announces Deals With Fox, NBA
I have to object to Fox making any money off of Firefly, given how they treated the series when they were broadcasting it. It would be kind of like OJ selling Nicole's organs.
By Eric J

Gizmodo Editor Ages, Eats a Steak
Happy birthday, sir. This is to inform you that the warranty on your body is approaching expiration. Should you require service, please see your local representative.
By sonarc

Palm Launching Palm-based Treo 700 on Monday
I currently have the Treo 650p from Sprint. I already use it as a wireless modem for my laptop via Bluetooth, it has 2GB of storage via an SD card, $50 and another 2GB card more & it would have 4GB, take that Life Drive, and it plays DIVX & XVID movies via TCPMP. Really wish Palm had included WiFi, I might have upgraded, as is, not that much new. But still love the Treo Line, looking forward to a more substantial upgrade.
by KSUJedi

Warner Bros. to Use BitTorrent to Distribute Movies
iTunes doesn't really compete with free - rather provides a legit entertainment source. Sure they've sold 1+ billion songs, but it sounds like a lot, but when you consider that somewhere around 10+ billion illegal songs are downloaded every month (thanks Wired), its pretty tough to compete. Movies are different tho. Much, much larger files, fewer illegitemate sources available. Its just not as easy as downloading a 3MB mp3. A dollar or two for a decent flick and reliable download serevice would be worth it - just so long as I can easily get it to my TV. lets see how the MPAA mangles this one.
by thrillhouse

Animatronic Sir Alan Fires You Whenever He Feels Like It
When we run out of landfills, the purveyors of this useless piece of shit should have to eat enough of them to make more space.
by Satorical

RevoPower: Moped Retrofit
Quote: "I don think that I would like a small drinkin bottle of fuel near my crotch area. it doesnt look that safe."

Hows that Edd? Motorbike riders have parked their balls on top of highly volatile fuel tanks for centuries.


I only know of one guy that had his balls chopped because he slid over the tank cap during collision but not because the tank exploded. That only happens in movies.

Be brave.
By Dinther

VW's Automated Parking Garage
I thought that was the place where Luke and Vader did Battle!
By Xzavier