Tell Us Your Nightmare Stories of How You Quit Your Terrible IT Job

Or maybe you got fired from an evil place and lived to tell the tale. Either way, we want to hear about IT transitions away from awfulness.

When we last published reader IT horror stories, there were several epic comments about getting out of shitty situations. Even then, the nightmare often wasn’t over—many of you heard from past employers with after-the-fact calls for help. Some of you even returned to help fix problems companies couldn’t handle in your absence—for a fair price, of course.


So we’re going to compile your best (worst) stories about Getting Out Alive. What was the motivating factor? Did your manager freak out? Did they come groveling back a few months later when everything fell apart without you? And if you got laid off, let us know just how hard your former places of employment should be kicking themselves now.

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