There's amazing ketchup leather in this delicious burger

This burger from Plan Check in Los Angeles already looks delicious but what makes it a must eat is the “ketchup leather” inside the burger. It’s basically ketchup in the shape and form of a Fruit Roll-Up. Or like a cheese slice of ketchup. Or like awesomeness in a square. Food Steez visited the restaurant to see how they put their burger and chicken sandwich together your eyes will be hungry after.


Food Steez writes:

When he brought us into the kitchen one of the first things he pointed out was an odd red square that frankly looked like a fruit roll-up, nudging me to try it, I was quite excited to learn that it was actually dehydrated ketchup, what Chef Ernesto coined as Ketchup Leather, which rehydrates as soon as you put the patty on top without soaking the toasted bun.

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