Illustration for article titled The worlds first supersonic private jet just got a lot closer to reality

Meet the Aerion AS2. It’s the first supersonic private jet in the world and it just got a 20-unit order from Flexjet, a private air company. It’s going to change the way some people (rich people!) fly because it can hit speeds of Mach 1.5 thus shaving down the hours needed to travel across the world. For example, right now the flight time from London to New York is about 8 hours. In the Aerion AS2, it’d be around 5 and a half.

The 3-engine jet, which was made in collaboration with Airbus, uses Supersonic Natural Laminar Flow, a piece of tech that was developed by DARPA and tested by NASA. It’s going to be the toy every billionaire wants when it takes its first flight in 2023.


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