Russia's Newest Data Center Will Be Nuclear Powered

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Russia’s newest data center will also be its largest, with a capacity for 10,000 racks. With that much power draw, it of course makes sense for the facility to be built next door to an existing nuclear power station.

It makes even more sense when you consider the company constructing the data center: Rosenergoatom, a state-owned nuclear power company, which manages the Kalinin nuclear power station in Udomlya. Powering the data center will only take a fraction of the station’s potential: it produces 4000MW across four blocks, while the data center will only draw 80MW.

According to Datacenter Dynamics, Rosenergoatom has already approached Facebook and Google to offer space in the center, which would help the companies comply with Russia’s data residency laws, requiring firms to store the data of Russian users on Russian soil.


[Datacenter Dynamics via Engadget]

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It’s not cloud computing unless there is a minor event resulting in a neglible release of emissions.