Find Out What an Astronaut Dreams About

Astronauts have typically had a far more exciting life than most of us—but does that extend to the world of unconsciousness, too? This video explores the dreams of Britain’s first astronaut, Helen Sharman.


The animation, hand-drawn by Andrew Khosravani and narrated by Sharman herself, describes a dream she has about returning to space inside the Mir module. Fortunately it’s not a nightmare.

The video is in fact part of a series called ‘A Place Called Space’, which is the Royal Institution’s way of celebrating the run-up to Christmas. If you’re so inclined, you can register to receive each instalment by daily email.



Over 200 people have been to ISS. Wonder how extensive dream research is.

Does weightlessness change your dreamscape? Do some people dream the same dreams? I watched “Do Astronauts Dream of Weightless Sheep? - Q&A With ISS Crew”, but I wonder how many of their dreams and their remembrance therein were melatonin induced. Online there seems to be a one here and one there kind of accounting & scattering of ideas regarding individual dreams in the absence of gravity.

After their return to earth, do all of the astronauts dream of going back to space? While in space do they all dream of life in space rather than on earth?

Very very interesting stuff.