Trump's Plan to Fight ISIS Online Is So Fucking Vacant I Can Barely Blog About It

Illustration for article titled Trumps Plan to Fight ISIS Online Is So Fucking Vacant I Can Barely Blog About It

Pumpkin-flavored arsenic marshmallow Donald Trump gave a speech at the Pearl Harbor Day Rally at the USS Yorktown in South Carolina tonight. After a day of rambling about banning Muslims, Trump offered some hazy suggestions for fighting ISIS’s growing influence online.


“We have kids who are watching the internet and they want to be masterminds,” Trump said, referencing ISIS’s recruiting tactics. “We have to go see Bill Gates and a lot of different people.”

Trump then suggested “closing the internet in some way.” He did not specify how.


“We’ve got to maybe do something with the internet,” he concluded, moving on to making fun of Chris Christie’s bridge controversy.

None of the candidates have articulated smart plans to counter ISIS, but Trump’s statements stand out for their K-2 reading level and impressive total lack of details.

Image: AP

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Whether you like Trump or not he has a point. Why are we letting people into this country that are potentially harmful? Regardless of where they come from or what religion they practice shouldn’t we try and vet out the people coming into this country?

Obama sat up and made fun of the GOP being scared of “widows” implying that somehow women can’t be deadly killers. Well I guess San Bernardino crow taste pretty good, hey Obama? Remember this is also the guy that called ISIS the JV and just before Paris he said they were “contained”. Talk about being vacant.