This Color Changing Cake Is Breaking My Brain

I want my cake to be fluffy and delicious and always enough for seconds. Maybe it can be a little decorative and fun and hide a joke somewhere but what I’m not prepared for is a cake to wreck my brain before it pads my stomach. Take a look at this optical illusion, color changing, shape shifting (it’s not shape shifting but with all the changes in colors, it makes me think that it is) cake. You spin it, and the zig zag of the design reveals a completely different color!


I can’t handle this. I must eat the entire cake.


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Just Another Gawkfugee

Am I alone in thinking that frosting is the worst part of a cake?*

Visually, yeah, it’s gotta be there. I get it. You need a canvas for congratulating someone on their birthday/graduation/parole/whatever, and a frosting spackle does the trick. But when it comes to actually eating a cake, frosting is just a nasty cloying paste that ruins the taste and texture of the cake itself. You frosting lovers can keep your coveted corner piece, I’ll take one from the center, thankyouverymuch.

*For all values of cake except carrot.