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Fitbit Gets Fancy With the New Blaze Fitness Tracker

Illustration for article titled Fitbit Gets Fancy With the New Blaze Fitness Tracker

Fitbits are arguably the best fitness trackers around. The best looking? Not so much. Now the company is trying to change that with the Blaze, Fitbit’s fitness tracker for the more fashion-focused.


Simply put, a fitness tracker’s entire job is to, well, track your fitness. 24/7. All the time. That’s sleep, steps, workouts, you name it. If you keep having to take the thing off because it’s too ugly to wear outside the gym, then that’s a problem. Fitbit has instead designed a wearable that’s basically a removable module, one that can pop in and out of an assortment of bands of different colors and materials, like elastomer ($30), leather ($100), or stainless steel ($130).

In the looks department, the Blaze’s size is most comparable to last year’s Fitbit Surge, with a big square watch face (that can also be customized). But the big missing feature on the Blaze compared to the Surge is onboard GPS, meaning you’re going to remain tethered to your phone.

Illustration for article titled Fitbit Gets Fancy With the New Blaze Fitness Tracker

The Blaze does come with a few nifty software features, including the ability to automatically recognize your workout, so you don’t even have to designate whether you’re running, hiking, biking, or whatever else.

Like all Fitbit devices, the Blaze will work with either iOS or Android. It’s got about 5 days of battery life, which is particularly impressive given that the Blaze offers color display.

The Blaze will be $200 in three different elastomer colors—black, plum, or blue. You can buy other options separately, though price will depend on the material you choose. Fitbit Blaze is available for pre-order starting today.


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Does anyone know if they updated their message notifications to include apps like Facebook and Skype, or is it still just SMS texts?