Damn, Netflix Is Cracking Down on VPNs and Proxies

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If you use a proxy to access another country’s version of Netflix, you may be screwed. Up until now, the streaming service hasn’t been good at stopping them—but that’s about to change.

“In coming weeks, those using proxies and unblockers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are,” Netflix Vice President of Content Delivery Architecture David Fullagar wrote in a blog post.

When you watch Netflix in the US and then go to Italy and watch it there, you don’t see the same list of shows and movies. (Also, stop watching Netflix on vacation, go to a vineyard or something.) Since the streaming service has licensing agreements that vary from country to country, it doesn’t offer a universal roster—which is why people often use unblocking services to access Netflix’s offerings from abroad.


In the past, anyone who wanted to watch The Good Wife in the US simply had to install a service like Hola Unblocker to access Canadian Netflix, which offered the show. (The Good Wife was the only thing the generally anemic Canadian Netflix has going for it.) If Fullagar isn’t bluffing, services like Hola won’t work anymore.

Netflix hasn’t explained how this is all going to work in practice. While there’s still time, I highly recommend installing Hola and cruising around foreign Netflix offerings. Did you know Japan offers The Godfather?

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Netflix hasn’t explained how this is all going to work in practice

People do this because they don’t see why they should pay the same price/more than the USA subscribers but get less content

They don’t realise if Netflix had its own way the shows would be universal like its own original content. But saying that, im not a subscriber for the same reasons. I’d rather do something else than subscribe to 15 different streaming services just so I can watch the specific shows and movies I’d like to.

Hopefully YouTube red going global could fix this