Some Lessons in Smartphone Photography, Courtesy of the X-Files

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On last night’s episode of The X-Files, Mulder proved himself to be basically as adept with a smartphone as any old man. Worse, possibly, than most. Here are some lessons you can take from Mulder’s abject failure.

The burst mode can really annoy your partner:


Why not consider filming instead of taking a shot every second?

Don’t run with your phone, you’ll look like a moron:

Be aware of your surroundings so you don’t accidentally scare and/or blind the person you are working with:


Definitely don’t become so distracted you miss the monster about to jump on you:


Chasing someone into a toilet while filming them is definitely a bad scene and makes you something of a creep:


And finally, definitely don’t leave the phone in selfie mode when trying to capture proof of a monster’s existence. Otherwise:


Don’t let this be you:


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In the first pic, he’s holding it horizontally. HORIZONTALLY. This gets no credit...? As for the rest... it’s called comedy. I think i have a brochure on it here somewhere...