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A Record-Breaking 107 MPH Mobility Scooter Makes Me Excited to Be a Senior Citizen

It’s generally assumed that when you reach retirement age, life starts to slow down. But not for mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine, who spent six months upgrading a 10 MPH mobility scooter into a record breaking dragster that officially hit a top speed of 107.6 MPH.


Both David and Mathew hail from the Isle of Man—a place renowned for speed—so it’s no surprise they undertook this challenge. How do you make a mobility scooter that still looks like a mobility scooter burn rubber?

Illustration for article titled A Record-Breaking 107 MPH Mobility Scooter Makes Me Excited to Be a Senior Citizen

To build their beast, the team merged the scooter with the best parts of a go-kart, including racing slicks and a Suzuki engine. The result is an official Guinness World Record for their Frankenstein-like creation.

So if you know your way around a garage, there’s no reason retirement or old age has to be boring. And you’ll never have to worry about ever being late to bingo again.

[Guinness World Records via Damn Geeky]

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This seems exponentially more dangerous than a go kart. In a kart, you’re in a bucket seat very low to the ground. But sitting above the engine like that with no lateral support? Seems like if you hit one uneven patch and the whole thing pulls to one side a bit, you’re going to go for a long, painful ride.

On the bright side; if that happens, you’d already own a mobility scooter.