The vagina and clitoris are mysterious things. No, seriously they are. Scientists make big bucks studying the penis, but the vagina and clitoris often languish in official research circles. They languish in the bedroom too.

Lesbians (intimately familiar with the pootenanny) experience significantly more orgasms then straight or bisexual woman. If woman aren’t getting down to the business themselves there’s a good chance they won’t be rocking their kasbahs as often. And Liz Klinger wants to change that. She’s familiar with the habit of not talking about the things happening in the bedroom or on the kitchen table. As she told the Berkeley News, “I grew up in a more conservative family from the Midwest and we never talked about sex.”


That’s why she developed the Lioness. It’s a vibrator loaded for bear with sensors that report back on just about everything going on down under during states of arousal. It even tracks when it’s used and for how long. Sort of like a fitness tracker for your cooch.

The fitness tracker industry leveled off significantly this year. There were very few major new announcements at CES and technological advances seem to have stagnated. The Lioness, and the copycats that will inevitably follow, looks like they’ll really shake things up.

If you want to get in on Liz Klinger’s action you can pre-order the Lioness via Indiegogo for $190. Otherwise you can just hold out for the review we will absolutely be doing, because, you know, it’s a smart vibrator.


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