Explore Every 'Foreign Body in Rectum' Reported at US ERs Between 2009 and 2014

There’s a lot of data in national records. And, if those records are anything to go by, there’s a lot of things inside the people of the US, too.

Nathan Yau of the usually high-minded Flowing Data has turned his attention to records held in the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. Specifically, he’s taken a look at the 17,968 records of emergency room visits for foreign bodies stuck in a rectum between 2009 and 2014. A quick look at the data reveals some interesting trends, as he explains:

About three-quarters of patients were male, and as you might expect, many of the foreign bodies were sex toys. But, perhaps unexpectedly, about 60 percent of those foreign bodies were not sex toys.


But perhaps more interesting is looking at them on a case-by-case basis—and on that front, Yau has delivered. Head over to his post to take a look at details recorded from each and every of those 17,968. They look a little like this:

Prepare to laugh, prepare to wince—but most of all, prepare to lose at least ten minutes to compulsively clicking through them.

[Flowing Data]

Image by birgit


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