10 of the Best Plot Twists in Movie History

Spoiler alert. Spoiler freaking alert. If you somehow managed to exist on this very Earth without knowing that there are twist endings in films such as Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and Fight Club and Planet of the Apes, um, now you know. Here is what CineFix considers 10 of the best twists in movie history. They do a good job in breaking down the type of twist and listing other films that have used the same trick.


The list:

  • Location / Time Trick - Planet of the Apes
  • All a Part of the Plan - The Sting
  • Unexpectedly Bad / Guilty - Murder on the Orient Express
  • Unexpectedly Good - Charade
  • It Was All a Dream - Wizard of Oz
  • All In Their Head - Fight Club
  • Not Dead - The Third Man
  • Other - F for Fake
  • Mistaken Identity - Empire Strikes Back
  • X Is Actually Y! - Psycho

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Seriously? No Sixth Sense? I’d put that over Fight Club and even Psycho.