This New Blackest Black Material Is Even Blacker Than What We Thought Was the Blackest Black Material

Surrey NanoSystems is famous for creating Vantablack, a material so black that it absorbs all but 0.035 percent of visible light. That’s a lot. Things basically disappear when coated with the Vantablack carbon nanotubes. And yet, they’ve somehow made the material even blacker. Yes, the blackest black material has become even blacker.

Surrey NanoSystems writes:

This is a new development of the Vantablack process (just out of the reactor). It’s resulted in a coating so black that our spectrometers can’t measure it! Even running a high power laser pointer across it bearly reflects anything back to the viewer.We have never before made a material so ‘black’ that it can’t be picked up on our spectrometers in the infrared

Here’s some more videos of Vantablack to illustrate just how black it is:


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Surprised no one from Jalop hasnt asked to have his car matted in this yet.