We'll Be Liveblogging Apple's Big Tiny iPhone Event Right Here

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

As it often does in the springtime, Apple is hosting a splashy event today, where everyone expects to see some new products. The most intriguing rumored new member of the family will be a 4-inch iPhone SE for people with tiny hands as well as a smaller iPad Pro for pretty much anyone with hands.


We’ll be liveblogging the event right here at 1 pm ET. So stay tuned!

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Steve Hopkinson

“4-inch iPhone SE for people with tiny hands”

I have concert pianist hands, but I haven’t upgraded my phone past an iPhone 5 because they’re too damn big. Any screen larger than four inches is too big to use comfortably without using both hands - good luck reaching the icons frequently placed in the top corner without dislocating your thumb.