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If you're on Verizon and don't want to splurge on a full-blown GPS device, Verizon has a few services that may meet you halfway.

The VZ Navigator service gives you directions, like a regular GPS, and lets you search 14 million locations. Unfortunately this is only available on the LG VX9800, the RAZR and the Motorola V325. Avalable for $2.99 a day or $9.99 a month.


The MG FuelFinder that lets you know where the cheapest gas stations are near your location. $1.99 a month or $5 for the Wireless Mobile Web version.

Vindigo City Guide is a guide for restaurants and other fun things to do in the city. $2.99 a month for this one.

Roadside Assistance from GE Motor Club gets you towing, unlocking, jump-starts and flat tire replacement. This is $3 a month.


Not quite GPS, but not too shabby either. Definitely useful if you're on the road and need help getting to where you're going, or if you're visiting a new city and want to see the sights.

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