Watch This Photographer Almost Get Hit By a Landing Plane

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There are lots of reasons to think this 360-degree video of a determined photographer who almost gets hit by a landing plane is fake. Why is the aircraft coming in so low for a landing? What photographer would willingly put their life—and their gear—at such risk? But it actually happened.

The low quality of the VR video showing the incident happening in real time makes it hard to study the details. And it’s easier to hide the telltale signs of computer graphics in low-res footage. You’d be right to raise an eyebrow with only this as evidence of the encounter.

But the photographer, Mekki Jaidi, posted the actual photo he snapped of the plane during the near-miss on Instagram. Everything in his shot lines up with what’s seen in the VR video. And according to Jaidi, the plane’s front wheel actually left a black mark on his shutter finger as it passed overhead. That’s dedication to your craft, with a healthy side of obsession.


[Instagram - Mekki Jaidi via PetaPixel]

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Jerk Dently

Obviously the plane is 100% at fault, because pedestrians always have right of way.