20 Totally Silly Movie Mistakes That Somehow Made It Into the Final Version

Oopsies in movies are the best because they’re so hilariously out of place. Like having a car in the shot of a Braveheart battle sequence or having a camera man inside Hogwarts in Harry Potter or seeing a human arm pat down a velociraptor in Jurassic Park. These little big errors don’t always ruin a movie (mostly because we didn’t notice them on first watch) but just add more of a laugh to yourself moment on later viewings. Here’s 20 movie mistakes below.


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Star Wars - Storm Trooper “bonks” their head.

Frozen - Elsa’s hair goes through her arm.

Dark Knight Rises - Cars running a red light after Selina steals Bruce’s Lambo.

Age of Ultron - Captain America saves a lady with an arm that should be holding onto a ledge.

Winter Soldier - Climbs out of water and is dry

Guardians of the Galaxy - Words in mom’s voiceover don’t match words in mom’s note.

Dark Knight Rises - A henchman takes a dive without getting punched.

Spriderman - Peter breaks a lamp that is then on his dresser afterwards.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - You can see a cameraman.

American Pie - A cup changes colors.

Gladiator - Can see a cameraman in a scene.

Braveheart - There is a car in the background of a battle scene.

Braveheart - Hamish has a rubber axe.

Terminator 2 - Rubber Knife in the beginning bar fight.

Jurassic Park - Raptor has a hand on its butt in the kitchen scene.

The Shining - The hedge maze is not seen in the aerial shot in the beginning of the movie.

Back to the Future 3 - Doc Brown’s youngest son is doing shit with his hand.

North by Northwest - Kid covers his ears early, or something.

Teen Wolf - Some lady has her pants unzipped in the stands at the end.

Commando - Yellow Porsche gets trashed, afterwards it is damage free.