Watch the Titanic Sink in Real Time

It’s not exactly the best Monday morning pick-me-up, but if you were ever curious at just how inaccurate movies about the Titanic are, watch this animated simulation showing the infamous ocean liner sinking in real-time. You’ll just need to find a way to dodge work for two hours and forty minutes.

The animation was created as part of an upcoming game that allows players to experience life on the opulent ship, as well as the tragedy as it unfolds in real-time. At three hours and fourteen minutes long, James Cameron’s take on Titanic was an equally tedious endurance run, but the creators of this simulation have gone to great lengths to make the events play out as accurately as possible.

[YouTube via Coudal]

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DL Thurston

It’s almost calming to watch without all the people rendered.

Went to near the end (spoilers) and was amazed how much the ship was above water. Then the break happens and holy shit does it go down fast. I figured the final bit of sinking was sped up in the movie but if anything it was slowed down a little.